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1. He ________ tennis since 1995.


2. This is Ronald. He _______ of the company.


3. I would like to speak to John, but I can’t ________.


4. The company _______ in computers.


5. Japanese company _______ by an American company, yesterday.


6. The _______ study has been carried out three times, so far.


7. If the Board of Directors ______ their approval, there will be a merger with Smiths.


8. If the state didn’t open up the market, we ________ a monopoly.


9. The Finance Manager _________ reduce the overheads, but oil costs stopped him.


10. I _______ the job, if the perks hadn’t been so great.


11. The Director of Finance remembers ________ the report for the fiscal year 2004/2005, but is not sure of the date.


12. Analysts ________ investing short term in the emerging markets, to make a quick profit.


13. The corporate headhunters _________ Sharon, because she spoke 5 languages.


14. You are at an important dinner party and you are introduced to the president of the company. What would you say?


15. You introduce your husband/wife to the president of the company.


16. You want to point out that you had already been introduced to the president of the company at another function.


17. You bump into your best friend at the buffet.


18. You arrive late to a meeting.


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