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1. What do you want _________ with all these books?


2. If ________enough money, I’d definitely get a new car.


3. Sorry you didn’t find me at home. _______ out to do some shopping.


4. The worst holiday _________ was when we went camping.


5. How long _______ in New York, then?


6. With this lovely weather there ________ to be millions of people on the beach.


7. No sooner had I opened my front door ________ that something was wrong.


8. If you ________ you knew the General Manager you’d never have gotten that job, you know.


9. Since the merger with the Smith Company, the _______ of the employees is very low.


10. By this time tomorrow, the team leader ________ on the project budget for 24 hours.


11. This month’s import quota is really difficult to ________.


12. No sooner had I finished the report for the project, than the whole thing __________.


13. Even though the President made the comments ________, it still appeared as a headline in the Times.


14. The Human Resources (HR) department is ________ for recruitment.


15. You meet your boss at the coffee machine.


16. You want to end an email to a colleague.


17. You leave a message for your supervisor.


18. A client comes to your office.


19. You want to start the meeting.


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